5:54pm 02-03-2018
Lisa Hall
Good Evening
I am looking for a nice moving horse 16.2hands and about five or six years old. Please let me know if you have anything . Thanks very much and best regards
8:58pm 02-02-2017
You have so amazing horses! Can I use photos of them at my a SIM Game Stable, please? Address is and everything in my websites is just a imagination. You can read more about sim games at Wikipedia if you don't know what it is.
10:00am 12-09-2012
Roeleen bloemhof

Thank you for basiaan aramis. He is just amazing! I am sure he will be the basiaan coloured horse that will put your farm on the map

Forever grateful

4:16pm 10-19-2012
mahfouz saal
can you show me please un equestrian or study jumping with horses not far from pretoria thank you